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Ibex Hill, Lusaka


Ibex Hill at a glance

Ibex Hill/Salama Park - Lusaka, Zambia 


Arguably the most burgeoning suburbs in Lusaka, Ibex Hill and Salama Park sit adjacent to each other covering a wide geographical range in Lusaka's east, less than 20 km from the CBD. Ibex Hill, the older suburb between the two, is a bit more dated, appealing more to families, businesspeople and senior officials, while recent developments & the rise in popularity of Salama Park have made it an ideal location for urban youth and many first-time home-letters/owners.  


Scenic views of the city from the forestry of Ibex Hill's large plots and properties make for great viewing and tranquil living. The area is extremely popular for this reason, making it one of the more prestigious areas to live in within the capital. Salama Park is a relatively new suburb, with modern apartment complexes populating the area, leaning into both Ibex and Meanwood, another growing property utopia. This blend makes for an upscale, vibrant suburbia that caters to a wide range of people, regardless of what their property needs may be. 


The establishment of new infrastructure & high quality residential property has made this area one of the most attractive in recent years, and has seen the price of property only rise higher and higher. The arrival of the American Embassy in the area is a testament to this. 


Distance from Key Points 

One of the reasons this Ibex and Salama Park have become popular is their proximity to the airport. Depending on where you are, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) is just less than 20 km away from Ibex Hill, and 15 km if you're in Salama Park, which is further east between the two. Improved infrastructure has put the area just under 15 km away from the CBD, a drive that will take you 30 minutes at most. 



Ibex Hill is home to a number of private schools, and is within close proximity to a number of other international schools, which is one of the reasons it is a preferred choice for families to settle in. Ibex Hill International School, Ibex Hill School and the increasingly popular Pestalozzi Education Centre all present quality education options for both primary & high school within the area. Woodford School, which is based in Kabulonga, is currently developing an Ibex Hill campus. To the South, less than 15 km away, is the prestigious American International School of Lusaka (AISL), popular amongst diplomats and expatriates whom may live in Ibex due to the American Embassy being in the area. Other quality private schools include the International School of Lusaka (ISL) and Lusaka International Community School (LICS), which are both within a 15km radius. 


Shopping Malls 

To accommodate the growing popularity of the area, Salama Park in particular has become host to a number of different shopping experiences. The road connecting the two areas, called Twin Palms Road, has been christened with the modern Twin Palms Mall, hosting over a dozen local and international retail stores, including Shoprite, Mr. Price & Fun World, a unique experience for young children to enjoy themselves while their parents go shopping. For people who like to stay fit, the Sweat Factory gym is the place to be. There is also a 7-a-side football pitch on the premises where you can organize casual games with friends. Kai Active is the one-stop shop within the area for all your sporting and fitness gear in the area. 

The Ibex Hub is another shopping complex with a number of different local and international retailers. With quick access to Great East Road, people in Salama Park have a direct route to the shopping hubs of EastPark Mall, Manda Hill Shopping Mall, and Arcades Shopping Mall, which are just 10 km away. 



Health is wealth, right? Ibex Hill is home to the new eDoc Health Care Services, which prides itself in addressing the need for home health services, "bringing quality health care services to the comfort of your home." 

These areas are also within a 15 km radius of some of the best healthcare facilities in the country, including Victoria Hospital in Kalundu (8.1 km), Cfb Medical Centre (8.1 km), Medland Hospital (9.8 km) and the Coptic Hospital (10.4 km). 


Special Attractions (Restaurants, etc.) 

As growing suburbs, it's only right that there's plenty to do. In addition to the Sweat Factory mentioned earlier, Salama Park is also home to Retro Fitness & Lifestyle, one of Lusaka's most high-end gyms and lifestyle centers. If you're looking for some adventure, Dream Valley Park & Lodge is a unique location for a quick outdoor activity in the heart of Ibex Hill. Salama Park also hosts the new 3Sixty Convention Centre, ideal for weddings, conferences, and other events. Twin Palms Mall also occasionally has family fun days with festivities and activities lined up in the mall's car park. 


Whatever your taste palate may be, Ibex Hill and Salama Park have got you covered. Salama Park is home to arguably Lusaka's most popular pub & grill, Granddaddy's Shoka Nyama. Here you can enjoy a good meal and drinks, have your car washed, watch some sports, and socialize in one of Lusaka's most happening spots. They also have frequent weekly specials, making it an ideal food/drink stop during the week as well. 

Twin Palms Mall is home to a number of different restaurants: in addition to the fast food restaurants like Hungry Lion and Panarottis, the mall also hosts Cock & Bull, a pub & grill that frequently has live music for their patrons. Majuju Café, which also doubles as a quiet place to get some work done, also offers on-the-go brunch meals as well as some of the heartiest burgers Lusaka has to offer.  

In Ibex Hill, quality restaurants are littered throughout the hills. Nando's opened a new, cutting-edge outlet in the area. Not too far away is D'lila, a high-class multi-cuisine family restaurant and banquet hall that offers a premium events experience for a number of different occasions. 


Why Ibex Hill/Salama Park? 

In recent years, these two suburbs have grown unlike any other area in Lusaka, catering to people looking for affordable, quality housing, and those looking to invest in real estate. For home-letters, the affordability of Salama Park's modern housing is appealing, while Ibex Hill's 'larger-than-life' profile makes it one of the best property investment locations in Lusaka. Improved infrastructure has linked this area to the rest of the city and made it one of the most accessible and sought-after areas. The rapid increase in popularity and size and scale of developments in this area have made it an ideal investment destination for both homeowners & buy-to-let investors. 


What was just barren land a few years ago has now become home to some of the finest living in the city. Whether you're looking for a breath of fresh air and some beautiful scenery for your family, or just looking to move out of your parents' home, Ibex Hill and Salama Park make for great living for a Lusaka resident. 


Koneki Realtors has a number of properties listed in this area for sale and to let. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.  

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